Clayton Beerman

Clayton Beerman is relatively new to this writing game but a couple of years ago caught the bug. An article here and there and then some podcasts and now a book. He first went to Chelsea in 1968 although he had already seen them live in 1967 at a ground in north London where a team in white play. He was taken by his uncle who tried and failed to get him to support that team. He’s had a season ticket at the Bridge for more years than he cares to remember but cherishes the memories and friendships that have formed from his love of the Blues.

It is some irony that Palpable Discord is published on the back of the club’s worst season for many years but if you can’t follow in the bad times don’t bother with the good. As Clayton says, “Some of the best writing is when the subject is in turmoil. Some of my favourite articles have been written analysing the latest English disaster in cricket at the hands of the Aussies. Introspective and thought provoking.”

The collection of thoughts and views following the Blues this year in “Palpable Discord” reflects his confusion and loyalty towards many, some of whom are less than deserving. His writing style is from the heart. He told us, “There are many analysts out there who can give you chapter and verse on the double pivot but I just tell it like it is from my view as a supporter. The emotions it produces is like no other because it matters. Having watching my club come from nowhere to become a colossus I try to bring some perspective into what has become a very judgemental audience quick to blame rather than consider the reasons why and without being a “in my day” kind of a person”.

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